Friday, December 5, 2008


Okay really is it December already???

Um yes as you can see I am not really good at updating BUT I am trying...

So here is the latest in the Dalke household:

Joe is doing great and staying very busy at work. I actually really never see him and when I do he is busy focusing on becoming a "gamer"...don't ask. I am doing great, we recently found out that we are expecting another baby in June! We heard the heartbeat on Tuesday and it was rather high...which usually indicates a girl....goodness another girl, can you imagine??? I sure can't! I also decided to take a little detour from pursuing my masters degree in education. Elgin Community College offers a program for a Physical Therapist Assistant and I am looking into that. I am excited for this new direction and VERY excited to not add to my existing school loans - well not yet at least!

Now on to the girls - Nora is 3 going on 13, she is for sure our little diva. She is already playing dress up with my clothes and make-up. I especially love it when she paints the furniture with lipstick - that is my favorite! She is really loving school and the teacher said she is really quick with understanding letters. Hannah just turned one on Thanksgiving and is waddling all over the place. She is seriously one of the happiest people on the planet. She smiles 24 hours a day - I just hope the next baby is as happy as she is!

Otus is doing okay, we recently had to say goodbye to Sassy so he is adjusting to not having her here. We are all missing her but remembering the great times we had! Kiki is still here too...anyone want a cat?

Hope everyone is doing well and I will update my blog sometime next year ;)

Happy holidays!

The Dalke Family

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Monday, August 18, 2008

August 2008

The summer is flying by and the girls are growing like crazy! Nora is going to be 3 in two weeks! Insane - she is also going to start preschool - I tell you 3 going on 13. Hannah is crawling all over the place and yesterday she pulled herself up. I think it won't be long before she is walking. Tonight she had her first taste of Joe's fabulous spaghetti - she had three helpings. Um yeah she is an eater!

All and all everything is good - nothing too much more to update eveyone with. Hope everyone is doing spectacular.

Also please check out pictures of the family at

Joe, Jackie, Nora & Hannah

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 2008

Hello friends and family!

We wanted to keep you updated on what has been going on at the Dalke residence. Nora is doing great and turning into quite the young lady. She is officially out of diapers (since April) and is signed up for preschool this where did the time go? She is adjusting beautifully on becoming a big sister. She is already teaching Hannah things and loves to make her laugh. It really is great!

Hannah is 7 months already and growing like you would not believe. She is quite the healthy one I might add - at her six month check up she was pretty close to 20 pounds...yeah she does like to hit the bottle. She is such a great baby and she TOTALLY has the Galuski dimples and chin, lucky girl ;)

Joe is keeping busy working as a union plumber still. He is working in Elgin, so his commute is great and he is usually home by 4. I have started pursuing my masters degree in elementary education. I have to take one more science class this Fall and then in the Spring I will attend Roosevelt University. I am pretty excited to make a career change AND add on to my existing student loans - heck why not add more right? :)

All and all things really are fantastic! I will try and post as much as I can, things are quite hectic here...did I ever think motherhood would be easy? :)

Hope everyone is doing great!

Joe, Jackie, Nora & Hannah

OH YEAH - animals are great too. Sassy (lab) is STILL kickin (going on 14), Otus (Rott) is a pain in the butt and Kiki (cat) is still as evil as ever.